Update reactions the second
  • Meenah: Still adorable. And not so much the TOTAL UNCARING BADASS she wants to make herself out to be. I don’t think she’s nearly as chill with her reincarnation being a tyrant as she likes to front. (No wonder she gets along with Karkat ahahaha)
  • Cronus: if you’re wondering if people like this disgusting douche actually exist, let me set your mind to rest by saying YES, UN-FUCKING-FORTUNATELY. I lived with one for four years. >:( Last I checked, they were still pretty much the same — INCLUDING a terrible affected accent. I bet they’d be the same after millennia! As far as I’m concerned, the narrative shows Cronus in exactly the kind of light he deserves.
  • Mituna: whoa, he’s 4chan! What a perv. Poor kid, though — heir of doom, indeed. :( I kinda like him, even though he’s a gross little turd. Any other thoughts on the matter Luka alreadycovered for me
  • Meulin: Haha, oh boy. I feel bad for how she’s so obviously getting played and has been for a long, long time.
  • Kurloz: Oh no oh no oh no why do I always find the terrible creepy ones attractive. :( But seriously, it’s like there’s something else wearing the thin shell of what he used to be. Like… somewhere else we know. :((( One thing is for sure, he’s a background mover and shaker.
  • Karkat: OH YOU PRECIOUS CHILD. I’m glad he got to have some conversations for once that weren’t humiliating, and with a person who actually likes him. Not that I’m very convinced Meenah is good for him, but. Also, his conversation with Terezi was wonderful. It’s a BIG positive contrast to his obsessing in Act 6 Intermission 2. Sure, he was awkward as all hell, he wouldn’t be Karkat if he wasn’t, but he wasn’t creepy, he wasn’t a jerk, he didn’t make it about him. He was actually… a friend. Also, I like his remixed theme a lot.
  • Terezi: Also precious. It’s so weird to see her wrecked over someone, but endearing. Especially with her cosplay pulled over her face. Just. Awww. Her and Karkat should be emergency patch moirails.
  • Cronus’s Harry Potter parallels and Caliborn’s Voldemort parallels make it sound like the jujus are the equivalent of the things Voldemort hid bits of his soul in, especially since many are time related. I wonder if the Felt somehow foreshadow that… Anyway, I wonder if Calliope is ‘in’ one of them. We don’t know what her juju was yet.
  • Looks like, if my matchups are correct, we’ll have Zahhakcestor as Page of Void and Nitramcestor as Rogue of Breath. Hm, Rogue is a pretty fitting class for a guy modeled after Rufio. :D

*SIGHS* Sooo cooooool. Even if these poor kids are looking more direly fucked by the moment… :( 

More later when I’m feeling more coherent.

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