I have been feeling very much like a sad, lonely kitten lately, and this morning I had a small epiphany about it: almost all of my social interaction is online, but because of timezones and a crappy schedule I miss the bulk of social time with friends and awesome people, so I end up feeling really left out. 

Which, yeah. That’d do it, wouldn’t it.

So after grudgingly admitting that despite my difficulties in making friends with normal people I really do need an offline social life, I’m looking at and getting a case of crawling anxiety from it. Gulp. 8(

  1. roachpatrol said: Aw, I should pester you more. I keep forgetting to boot up AIM.
  2. blurds said: Whereabouts are you, zonewise? (Vaguely speaking.)
  3. addertwist said: I’d honestly suggest, if you can work it out, some small thing you like doing which you can do in the nearby area, in a safe public-access space. A library is a good option if there’s some genre you want to chat about, and others will like it. :3
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